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Our portfolio consists of both Operational (majority equity position with significant operational contribution) and Investment (minority equity with independent management teams) companies. 

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Crocker Ventures is an independent, privately held life science, heathcare and high-technology investment firm that funds promising seed- and early-stage companies in five primary areas: biotechnology/pharmaceuticals, medical devices, drug delivery, diagnostics and information technology. We are committed to identifying companies with strong intellectual property positions and significant growth potential that meet large, unmet market needs, and providing them with the capital, relationships, operating perspective and expertise they need to reach their full potential.



BizVision, a leading provider of video-powered online training and professional education, helps professional associations, educational institutions, small businesses and large enterprises to leverage the power of video in their online learning and communications. Through its unique, turnkey combination of a specialized platform and an array of essential services, including its videographer network, BizVision enables organizations of any size to webcast live events and stream on-demand recordings.

Kyte Learning

Kyte Learning provides a personalized learning environment built on an ever-growing video library of highly relevant ed-tech training materials. Expert teachers across the nation create experience-based training courses that teach both technical skills and classroom application strategies. Administrators have the ability to assign, track, and evaluate data to understand what their teachers are training on and help them obtain the tech skills needed to meet school objectives.

Nexus TDR

Nexus TDR is developing to market medical devices for spinal surgery that are specifically aimed at restoring both healthy spinal motion (kinematics) and stability (kinetics). By leveraging the research in compliant mechanisms and spinal biomechanics at Brigham Young University, Nexus TDR is developing implants for spinal surgery that will introduce a new standard of surgical repair.

Nexus Spine

Nexus Spine’s proprietary spinal fusion system minimizes implant volume, surgery time, and hospital handling all while providing surgeons maximum versatility to accommodate individual patient anatomy.

Nexus CMF

Specializing in treatments for temporomandibular joint disorders, Nexus CMF offers best in class arthroscopy systems as well as the only partial TMJ prosthesis approved by the FDA.

Clene Nanomedicine

Clene Nanomedicine Inc. is a privately held biopharmaceutical company focused on the development of novel drugs for autoimmune disorders and oncology. Clene’s drug development platform utilizes proprietary technology to create innovative therapeutic nanocrystal drugs of specific elements (e.g. gold, platinum, silver), which have recognized medicinal properties from decades of use. Clene’s lead drug, CNM-Au8, is an oral suspension of pure gold nanocrystals. CNM-Au8 received U.S. FDA and E.U. regulatory approvals for its ongoing First-In-Human (Phase 1) healthy volunteer clinical study to determine safety and pharmacokinetics. Clene will initiate its Phase 2 study in Optic Neuritis, a disease of demyelination, in 2017.


Coupang is one of the world’s fastest growing e-commerce companies, offering a selection of diverse merchandise including baby goods, fashion, beauty products, food, home goods and decor, books, toys, sporting goods, electronics, and tickets for travel and events. With more than $1.4 billion raised, Coupang has grown faster than any other e-commerce company in the world. In 2013, its third full year of operation, Coupang exceeded $1 billion USD in sales.

Merrimack Pharamaceuticals

Merrimack Pharamaceuticals has emerged as a leader in personalized medicine. The company has a pipeline of several targeted anti-body-based cancer therapeutics, combined with predictive medicine diagnostic tests. These novel drug/diagnostic combinations are derived from Merrimack’s proprietary Network Biology drug development platform.

Xenocor Inc

Xenocor Inc is an emerging company that is revolutionizing minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery by bringing its Xenoscope™, a novel low cost, single-use, HD imaging multi-purpose scopes to the market. This scope promises to disrupt the high capital cost laparoscopy systems market and greatly expand the delivery of high-quality surgical care to the hundreds of millions of patients world-wide.

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